Successful development of new, high quality Iodocarb

Published in Swedish 29 january 2018. In case of any discrepancy the Swedish text shall prevail.

Over the past year, PharmaLundensis has carried out a process to further develop the method of production of the company’s drug candidate, Iodocarb, for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The aim was to obtain a significant reduction in the release of iodine from the substance while retaining the full effect of binding mercury. This substance can be expected to show the same positive effects on lung capability that were shown in the company’s first COPD study, but without any side effects in the thyroid. This development process has now been completed successfully.

The new iodated carbon, Iodocarb Novum, releases around 70% less iodine at all iodine levels (3%, 6% and 9%) compared with the old iodated carbon, see Fig 1 below. The mercury-binding capability is at least as good, or better, see Fig 2 below.

CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall: “The new iodated carbon provides a significantly reduced release of iodine compared with the old iodated carbon, while the mercury-binding capability is at least as good. I consider that we have therefore solved the problems relating to the side effects in the thyroid. In 2018 we plan to initiate two new clinical studies for Iodocarb Novum. We will also end the current study concerning Iodocarb comp, because the new iodated carbon releases so little iodine that there is no need for adding perchlorate. Performing clinical studies with a drug that only contains iodated carbon (without perchlorate) will significantly simplify the registration process. Another advantage with the new iodated carbon is that it can be protected as a new patent family. We can therefore maintain patents in many countries where we currently do not have patent protection, and strengthen our protection in the countries where we do currently have approved patents.”

In summary I consider that the development of the new, high-quality Iodocarb Novum is an important milestone for our COPD project. It can be the key to success for this project!  

Fig 1: Release of iodine from new (blue) and old type of Iodocarb.

Fig 1

Fig 2: Mercury binding capacity in new (blue) and old type of Iodocarb.

Fig 2