CEO’s statement

From FINANCIAL STATEMENT, 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018

We are working hard to develop a new test substance that maintains Iodocarb’s beneficial effect but does not release much iodine. The improvement of lung function is probably dependent on the dose, and the more substance that can be taken, the better the result. A new substance without iodine release could therefore provide a dramatic improvement in lung function without side effects. The trials are ongoing and the outcome will be interesting.

When our new drug candidate is ready, work on preparing the next clinical study will take place. Some pre-clinical tests will be required, the substance must be manufactured in GMP labs, the substance must be packaged in dose packages, governmental permits must be obtained, and so on. We believe that in the future our substance will be administered in the form of capsules. This, too, is a step forward compared to Iodocarb, which was simply stirred into a glass of water. It will then be exciting to evaluate the clinical effect of the treatment!

We are now holding discussions with medium-sized international pharmaceutical companies that expressed interest in licensing Iodocarb. The focus is on pre-license agreements that give an option to a company on a future exclusive license on a particular market. I can understand if they are interested in signing this type of agreement at an early stage, as it is the only realistic opportunity to be able to license our potentially valuable substances. The closer we get to the market launch for the projects, the greater the probability that a large pharmaceutical company will enter the scene, or that PharmaLundensis will choose to keep the market itself. The option is paid in the form of an annual license fee. Revenues that PharmaLundensis may receive in this way can be a significant contribution to financing future clinical studies.

Realistic tests of the EcoFilter system have been carried out, and were well executed mechanically. We are evaluating what degree of purification was obtained for the removal of antibiotic residues. Hopefully it will be as good as in previous trials, that is, close to 100% purification. Contacts have been initiated with the healthcare system concerning sales of this system.

In summary, the future looks very good for PharmaLundensis, and I am convinced that our projects are approaching positive breakthroughs!

Best regards,

Dr Staffan Skogvall, CEO