Patent approved in Israel for Iodocarb comp

Published in Swedish 19 december 2017. In case of any discrepancy the Swedish text shall prevail.

The Israel Patent Office has announced that the patent application submitted by PharmaLundensis for Iodocarb comp (WO2015075111) “Compositions for obtaining an improved lung function comprising activated carbon comprising adsorbed iodine and/or an adsorbed iodide salt and a sodium/iodide symporter inhibitor.”) is patentable.  An application was previously approved in South Africa. It is also currently being assessed in eight other markets (USA, Europe, China, Japan, Chile, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Russia). Patent protection will be valid until 2033 and may then be extended for a further five years.

CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall: “The patent application for the combination of Iodocarb and perchlorate will now be approved in a second country. It looks very probable that it will also be approved in other markets. This means that the business plan for Iodocarb comp, as described in point 3 of our Financial Statement dated 16 February 2017, can be implemented as planned. In short, the business plan means that PharmaLundensis will licence Iodocarb comp in smaller markets and use the revenue to build registration and sales organizations in the most important markets. The aim is to maintain control over the registration process in the major markets, thus optimizing revenues while avoiding PharmaLundensis becoming dependent on major partners.

This patent is expected to be applicable for the new iodated carbon, which will soon be fully developed. The addition of perchlorate appears to provide a synergistic (extra) improvement in lung function, which may enable quick and efficient treatment for COPD patients.”