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PharmaLundensis AB (publ) develops the following projects:
* A new, effective treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD and chronic bronchitis.
* EcoFilter® to eliminate the release of antibiotics in hospital waste water.
* Zero-concentrate evaporator technology.

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Zero-concentrate technology for evaporator systems

Executive summary
Evaporation is a standard method to remove hazardous substances from wastewater. The wastewater is transferred into two fractions: 1) the clean fraction and 2) the concentrate with all harmful substances. Today, this results in the production of large amounts of concentrate, which is expensive to handle.
PharmaLundensis has developed a simple and cheap method which allows the evaporation process to continue until the concentrate is 100 % dry and solid, which is financially very advantageous for the end-users. The method is patented in many countries around the world.

Companies can now get an edge in the evaporator market by licensing this proprietary zero-concentrate technology.

Evaporation is an excellent method to remove environmentally hazardous material from wastewater. However, the big drawback with evaporation has always been that it results in the production of large amounts of liquid chemical waste (concentrate), which is costly to handle. It is impossible for present evaporator systems to remove more than 90-95 % of the water in the waste. If the evaporation continues longer, the pollutants start to foul the walls of the evaporator, which requires an expensive cleaning operation. Therefore, the evaporator process must be halted when there is 5-10 % water left in the waste.

According to our new proprietary method, the evaporation of water continues in the waste containers by applying heat and low pressure there. As more and more water is removed from the concentrate in the waste containers, the polluting substance will increasingly foul the walls. This is not a problem when using our technology, because the plastic waste containers will  be burned together with the waste in a high-temperature oven. As a result, the evaporation can continue until the water has been 100 % removed and the waste is completely dry and solid.

Evaporator systems are usually set up in the form of a series of 3-5 evaporators which operate at gradually lower temperature and pressure. This allows waste heat from the first evaporator to be used to evaporate wastewater in all the following evaporators. According to our proprietary method, a new, final step of water reduction is added where waste heat from the preceeding evaporators is used to evaporate all the remaining water from the concentrate in the waste containers, until the waste is 100 % dry and at a minimum volume. This significantly reduces the amount of waste material that has to be handled, thereby reducing operating costs significantly.

The technology can be adapted to many types of evaporator systems of different sizes and types.

* Considerably lower costs for handling and destruction of waste for end-users.
* Increased value of evaporator systems equipped with zero-concentrate technology, allowing manufacturers to adjust their prices upwards.
* General increase of market, as evaporator purification becomes a more economical alternative.

Patent protection
The key aspect that is protected in our patent is the method to perform the final water reduction in the waste container, which is subsequently sent for destruction.

PharmaLundensis patent has been granted in USA and in 11 countries in the EU (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands and the Nordic countries).
US Patent: US 10 626 023 B2 (Skogvall, Pharmalundensis AB)
EU Patent: EP 3 370 840 B1 (Pharmalundensis AB)
In addition, patent is pending in Canada, Australia, India, China and Japan.

PharmaLundensis now offer evaporator companies to sign a non-exclusive license, which allows them to manufacture and sell evaporator systems fitted with PharmaLundensis proprietary zero-concentrate technology.

Please contact CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall for inquiries regarding licensing in specific countries:
E-mail: staffan.skogvall@pharmalundensis.se